Khunnas Ullu Web Series Episodes Watch Online Free Download Actress Name

Khunnas (Part 1) Ullu Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Episodes, Watch Online, Free Download

Khunnas Ullu Web Series Cast:

  • Saheem Khan ( Gautam )
  • Sonam Arora ( Devika )
  • Asit Redij ( Father )
  • Amika Shail ( Rashmi

Khunnas Ullu Web Series Release Date & Director:

  • Director: Saheem Khan
  • Release Date: Released
  • Streaming Network: Ullu App
  • Genre: Drama, Erotic, Web Series

A house decked up like Diwali just for their daughter’s birthday is thrilled by gunshots. The assassin is none other than their driver whose rage triggered by the birthday girl’s act in the past. Witness the twisted affair behind this revenge drama, that leads to a massacre.

Khunnas (Part 1) Ullu Web Series Episodes:

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