5 web series based on college life you must watch

Must watch 5 shows based on college life web series

Check out this curated list of five entertaining web-shows and films that will bring back those fond memories. Here is a list of college life web series.

1. FLAMES by TVFPlay – This is the story of four best friends in their early years of college, all studying at Sunshine Coaching Classes. In their attempt to find success as engineers, they discover life in a whole new light. FLAMES is the perfect synergy of innocent love, strong bonds of friendship, relationships between parents and children, and life learnings at this age, for a show that is entertaining for audiences of all ages.

2. Namooney by Jambo– Namooney is a package of unlimited fun and an animated comedy that talks about the lives of two distinct personalities, Suresh (Sesh) and Neeraj, who are hostel roommates. Set out at a small fictional town, in the engineering college, IIIT Bhandipur, these two characters share a room with a talking lizard Ankit, who is quite a conversationalist and hilarious in his own way. Each episode unveils funny and engaging circumstances revolving around these three characters. The 20 episodes short series is definitely worth watching to lighten up your mood.

3. Class of 2020 by ALTBalaji – Peer pressure, relationships, anxiety, are just some of the common problems faced by students as they navigate through college, and find themselves. Class of 2020, explores the lives of teenagers as they make the right and wrong choices, giving viewers a glimpse into the realism that is teenage life, and how to avoid crumbling under pressure.

4. Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2 by Amazon Prime – The story is about the young aspiring Dr. Shreya Pathare, played by Shweta Tripathi. Each episode unfolds the story of how Shreya who is a medical student along with her colleague practitioner, Pathare, is in-charge of a cataract camp in a rural district. The series captures the challenges they face in this journey including distrust, sexism, dealing with quacks, and lack of medical supplies for patients.

5. Enaaya by Eros Now – This web series is a first Pakistani original by Eros Now. Starring popular Karachi-born star Mehwish Hayat (Na Maloom Afraad), he plays the role of an aspiring vocalist who joins a band at her university. Her uncertain life takes a different turn as she finds her newfound college bandmates, leading to an uncertain path filled with romance in the music world. To get a sneak peek of the challenging career in the music industry, along with college life, this series should be on your watch list.

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