Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime

Top New Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime 2021

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular ott platforms in India. There so many best films & web series are available on this platform to binge-watch. So here are some of the best Marathi movies on amzon prime you can binge-watch.

List of Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime

Here is the list of Top Best Marathi Movies on Amazon Prime you can binge-watch any anytime from anywhere. You can watch online free these best Marathi movies on amazon prime videos.

Photo Prem Marathi Movie:

Photo Prem is a 2021 Indian Marathi language film directed by Gayatri Patil and Aditya Rathi.
Plot: A photophobic woman is on the journey to find a Photo of herself to be put up in her eulogy.

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Preetam Marathi Movie:

A tale of love that comes alive through the beauty of Konkan between a dark-skinned guy who falls head over heels in love with the most beautiful girl in his village. Will he succeed in completing his love story…

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Girlz Marathi Movie:

An 18-year teenager Mati wants to live a bold life like many other girls. Her mother realizes this & imposes restrictions on her. She feels dejected and thinks her life has become boring and worthless. She embarks on a solo trip to Goa & makes friends with two more young girls of her age, who come from different family backgrounds.

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Hirkani Marathi Movie:

The film depicts the story of Hira, a milkmaid who lived at the foothills of Raigad fort. She would visit the fort often for selling milk. The gates of the fort once closed in the evening would open only in the morning as per orders from Shivaji Maharaj. One day Hira reaches late by then the gates were closed; Hira dares to climb down a cliff in the dead of the night to get back to her infant son.

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Takatak Marathi Movie:

Kamakshi and Minakshi are siblings, but their similarities end there. While Kamakshi is level-headed and mature, her younger sister is rather wild and impulsive. With Kamakshi getting hitched to a porn-addicted government employee and Minakshi ending up in the middle of a love triangle, the two sisters are about to get caught up in a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.

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Girlfriend Marathi Movie:

Girlfriend is a film about today’s youth. Their dreams, aspirations, and the pressures they feel due to the fast pace of life and a heady mixture of real and virtual created by the phenomenon of social media. It’s a humorous, sensitive story of how a talented but simple young man blunders his way through challenges thrown up in my professional life and high expectations of his peers and close ones.

Duniyadari Marathi Movie:

A young man in his 20s is caught up in a bitter relationship with his parents. In spite of having all materialistic pleasures, he craves something better in his life. The void in his life is filled by the Digya gang he meets on college Katta, soon comes bliss in his life in form of two beautiful girls. Life teaches Shreyas to face facts, through his friends and people around him.

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Natsamrat Marathi Movie:

A veteran Shakespearean actor steps off the stage and into the painful tragedy of old age, facing ungrateful family and his fleeting legacy.

Mitwaa Marathi Movie:

Shivam, a rich hotelier from Goa, doesn’t believe in love or the institution of marriage. But when Nandini, a smart woman, joins his hotel as an employee, he is attracted to her.

Daagadi Chawl Marathi Movie:

Crime is a one-way street. Once you decide to walk it, there is no turning back. Daagdi Chaawl tells the story of a common man forced to a life of crime, narrated on the backdrop of infamous Mumbai underworld gang wars of late 90’s. With a firm grip on its subject, the film tells the story of mans inner struggle & attempts to return to his life before crime, which now seems like an impossible.

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